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27 Ways How to Make Her Love You #Best Tricks to Get A Girlfriend

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Still in the theme of love, But maybe for now this discuss will be a strategic and happy. Because now we will discuss how to make her love you. After all the single each day, maybe you want to date a girl. But don’t know to do it? Next is that we talk about. But, maybe you still some nervous and unbelievable about this? Maybe you still thinking about her as your idol and thinking this is impossible?
Maybe you have tried anything about this and that is not working on her? Hey man, are you serious to do it? Maybe you afraid about the fail? Maybe you worried about the risk? Maybe you still not need love? Hey man, are you normal people? Every normal people need about love.


Maybe you need to climb up your career and not need love now? Hey man, are you sure about this? But what if climb up together your career with the one you love? Maybe you now was just broke up, and hopeless that there are no magic formula about how to make her love you. Maybe you are right. But one things that I’m really sure about love, is nothing called 100%; But at least why not try about this one? By tried with some efforts, there are nothings impossible.

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But before to do this, you need some “ingredients.” The “ingredients” is that you have the target about the girl who you like and be brave to talks. So, here is the discuss about steps how to make her love you:

1. You Are Not The Center of This “World” (now)

Just thinking about it. Maybe now, you are not the center of her world. Why? Because now she is not fall in you.
And if you think it by now, it will erase your depression and shy. The purpose by doing this is you can accept that there are girls that maybe not return likes you.

2. Learn About Love Language

This topic is not talking about “Love you, Honey”, “I miss you”, and others. This topic will talk about the gesture of someone attracted to someone else. Identifying the gesture, so you will know people whom attracted to you.
If someone attracted to you, she will make an “open” gesture. It’s just like she will uncrossed arms and legs, relaxed. If she make a gesture not “open”, just talk a little and not more. It’s a signal that she not want you. The purpose of this is to increment your success to make her love you.

3. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is really need in talking situations. Imagine you are in interview, and not brave to make eye contact to your interviewer. It will look down on you. Same here. While you talk to her and not brave to make eye contact, she will leaves you. Or if you passed by her, you not make eye contact with her, it will be bad.

Because by making eye contact, you can deliver a bunch of message. If you make eye contact to her, maintain it for a little seconds, and sometimes gives smile, then she reply to you with smiles back, it can be signals that she likes you. While you are talking to her and almost the time she is looking to you, then it’s a good sign that she is interested with you. Objective of this is to make sure that she interested in you or not. It can increase possibility to make her love you. Remember that every love story starts with an eye contact.

4. Gives A Smile

After make eye contact, if you meet her or pass her then don’t forget gives her smile. If she returns your smile, it can be that she enjoys with you. However, there is a possibility that she gives you a fake smile. How do we know? The forbidden is: if she gives you a fake smile, she tends to use muscles around mouth. Otherwise, if she gives you happy smile, she tends to use muscles around mouth and her eyes. The objective is to know that she is welcome to you.

5. Check Some Her Reactions

With this steps, we need some brave to have a conversation. Some of people have strange reactions if we talks with her. Although this can not be doing in universal people. But there is possibility that she will has strange reaction.

So, let’s start conversation with her, and check her reactions. If you gives some joke or some care or some surprise topics, see her cheeks. If become red, maybe she nervous or embarrassed or likes you. If you talks with her about easy topics, check her lips. Some people have a redder lips if she talks with people whom she likes and licking the lips is also a good sign for you. Maybe she attracted to you.

6. Get A Little Closer

This mean is before this, you just an outsider. But after some conversation, makes sure that you are one of her friends. But don’t invasion her personal time. In this step just become her friends, and no more for now. Gives her comfort zone from you. This objective is to make her think you are one of good friends and increase the possibility that maybe she loves you.

7. Gives Some Joke and Praise

How to make her love you? Just make her laugh. Anyone usually likes some jokes and praises. But look for the conditions and situations. If she is in bad mood, gives some joke that will make you understand that makes she tell you the reason about it. In normal condition, if you meet her in somewhere, gives some praises and then jokes or gives some jokes and then praises. It will increase her thinking about you, that you are a welcome persons.

8. Be A Unique Friends

This step mean is not to be a freaky guy friends, just let her to know you, let her to notice there you are. Maybe a little show off about your ability and talents. Remember a little, not more. That is make her reminds of you a little. Or maybe just try to help her problems within your range capability. Or maybe you doing a body builder, to build your muscles. The objective is to make her reminds of you and notice there is you.

9. Be the Ears and Her shoulder

The point in this is you always there when she need a friends and want to share her problems. Because almost women want to work out their problems. Just let you be the Ears. Not more. And if she crying or tired, you can give her your shoulder. You can be the one who hears her problems and try to give some advice to solve it. The objective is increase the positive value of you in her eyes and make her thinking you are a worth friends. Be there, even when she don’t need you. Be that gentleman!

10. Don’t Be So Proud of Yourself

Just the be what you are and down to earth. Not so proud of yourself. If you are too proud of yourself, or become arrogant, then she will keep a distance from you. Because normally nobody likes or want a friends that too arrogant or so proud of himself. Just be happy with your life. Proud as much as needed, not too much. This step is warn to not overdo. Because sometimes happens about this case.

11. Write A Plan

In this step, you need a lot of information about her. Because you became her friends, now take advantage of this relationship. You can ask her friends about her a little, not more. Because it’s gonna make you a stalker. Don’t give it a mark on you. If you still uncertain about the information, you can ask her but with some chit-chat. Don’t ask directly. It’s gonna make you not trust her or cornering her. Just relax, friends.

After get all the information that you need, now it’s gonna write down the plan. Write it as best as you can, but you have to think her position and her way of thinking. Don’t force your plan to her. The objective in this step is you have a way that to win her heart step by step as your plan.

12. Normal Life, It’s Okay

This step is simple and easy to go. Don’t let your emotion, fall in love, controls you. Just do a simple things in your life. Do your daily activities. This step is important to yourself. Because this step prepare yourself that your love may not return and learn to manage your time.

13. Once A Great Time, Get Walk With Her

Remember this: don’t let your emotions control you. The emotions that talk is about your emotion in love. Maybe you can’t control yourself. Remember if your in hurry about her feels, it’s gonna waste your time and steps. Just once a time, as a friend, walk with her. Maybe to somewhere you need to go, just like you need to go to the bookstore and don’t forget ask her to come  or something like that. This objective is to make her know you a little about your life.

14. Compliment Her

This step is need to go together with 13th step. When you with her, occasionally compliment her about her dress up. Remember women always happy if you are compliment her. She will blush up. But one important thing is be honest. If her dress up not good, don’t talk directly. Just a little chit-chat, and give some advice.

15. Start Flirting

After all the steps above, you need to prepare and brave yourself. If you meet her, just start flirting with her. Keep maintain this with some smile and eye contact. The smile is your truly smile when go with her and show your truly eye contact. It will helps her to know that you think her as more than a friends. This step is just a start and do your plan slowly. This objective is make her recognize that you want relationship more than a friends.

16. Ask Her On Date

After start flirting and do your plan, now is the time to ask on her date. But this is need some requirement. The requirements are : First, your plan is going 80%. Why? Because you know how much your plan in work to your relationship. Second, you have to prepare yourself. why? Because there are possibilities that you caught in her friendzone. So prepare yourself as much as you can. Three, see her condition. Are she in good mood? Are she has a boyfriend? Are her schedule is available if you ask her a date? If all the requirement are met, now it’s your show time to ask on a date.

17. Good Communication

After you go on dinner and she pleasant with it, you have to maintain your relationship with good communication. Good communication is there is no blaming, communicate directly and honestly, and ask something to make clear. But sometimes, that you need is listening too. Because some girl just want to blow up their problems and she needs people to hear her problems.

18. Be A Mysterious Guy

Sometimes some mysteries are a good one. Remember that every girls love mysterious guy.. Become a mysterious can increase her feeling to you. Because sometimes she needs a time to think about you and make her curious, can be added value for you in persona. Because that is one of think woman about men.

But not always mysterious, you need to as available as possible for her. Doing it at the same times, and this will be a good one for you. The objective of this is that you and your couple have to enjoy your time, and build a healthy relationship, and make her curious about you. If you can do it, make her curious about you, her feeling about you will increase and not in monotone signals.

19. Be Gentle

Sometimes in the relationship and dating, there are always mistake happen. But if you are the one trouble maker, accept it and admit your fault. Do not be afraid and do not blaming others. Just say sorry with all you have, and admit your fault. If it is not your fault, do not blaming her too. Just find the solutions. It will gives a chance a woman to truly love you. The objective is increase the chance of her truly love on you.

20. Winning the Heart of Her Family and Friends

If we talks about the most important people, almost people in this world thinking about this  :”The important people of every humans are their friends and family”. Yep. That is true. Every closest persons are their family and friends, nobody else. But sometimes the family and friends have a big influence over how people think and behave. So if you win heart all of these, you will be winning her heart too and make her more to loves you.

So dress nice, show manners, and be respectful of her friends and family. Just be the way you are in the family and friends, and showing some proof that you loves her and you are a good guy for her especially in her family. In her friends, just easy going, and be kind. It will gives you more possibility to win their hearts.

21. Know Her Better 

Yes, she wouldn’t believe if you love her if you don’t even know her things. Let’s talk to her friends about her favorite food, songs, subjects in school, fields, and everything. Also, you can do this magic way: stalk her social medias. There you can found a lot about her from biggest things. You will also know where she hang out, with whom she goes, and what she is doing right now. You can then ask her simple little things about her.

22. Show Her Why She Must Love You

Well, it’s a big part for a guy. Girl will fall in love with you if you have something special. Let’s say, if you are so great at football, then take her to watch your performance in the field. If you do great, man, it will impress her about you. Then, just show her your skills that you are so proud to have it. If you can play guitar, sing her a song. If you are good at maths, oh teach her. If you are great at sports, ask her to gym together. By then, she will tell you something like, “Oh, this guy is hot!”

24. Sing Her A Song 

It maybe an old way, but it always works. Just maybe your father got your mother because he was playing that Boyzone songs. Who knows? But the power of a love song is always make you in love, and hers too. Also, if she had a favorite singer or band all the time, then sing it out load. Grab your guitar, or other music instrument, or just an acoustic version, and let you speak the love by a song. That’s so romantic for her.

25. Hold Her 

Yes, just hold her tight. Both her feelings and her body. You can then give her a little care just to give her a sign that you want her feel good all the time. Indeed, there are many ways to make her love you.

26. Let Her Be Herself

Then, just let her spinning around. Let her talks her talks. Let her be what she wanna be when she is around you. She might be rude, cruel, unpleasant, but that’s girl be like. You just need to be tough and sweet to her.

27. Propose Her 

How to get a girlfriend? Man, you can’t tell you love someone if you didn’t show it. At least, propose her. Or say good things about her. Tell her that she is beautiful and you want to be with her.

So guys, that is all the steps in 20 Steps to Make Her Fall In Love With You. Do you read it all? Are you still in worried about how to make it? Don’t worry. Just do all this step. Maybe this is not 100% works, but it will affect her perspective on you.

Tips to Winning Her Hearts

But after all, I have some tips for you:

  • Keep Romance Going – Don’t forget. After a special date, you have to make romance still going. It will gives her extra reasons to love in you.
  • Don’t Say Negative Things About Her Family or Friends
    Maybe she might talks negative about one of her family or friends, you don’t need to rush in and gives bad situation in her. Because there are possibilities that she testing on you, or she just need you to be her ears. Remember about your relationship status with her now. If you are love her, just lead her to the right way. The right way which I mean is don’t rush in her problems, just give some advice.
  • Build A Healthy Relationship
    This mean is that both of you have a private time and not disturb each others. Just comprehend each others. Not blame each others.
  • Don’t Be Too Close to Her Friends
    Why? Because there is possibility that you will cheating on her friends. Cause sometime her friend are cuter and hotter. Remember who you love. Sometimes maybe you feels boring with her, just remember why you make relationship with her. Check yourself.

By the way, for a date I will give you some tips:

  • First, prepare the good place.
    First date can be a good memories for the two of you.
  • Second, choose the exciting place. Just like Carnaval Place, or a place like water world, and others. This will gives you and her more good situations. The objective in this step is to make everything clear about the relationship between you and her.

In case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner!

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